High-quality time stamping machine with exceptionally good price!  Perfect for parking tickets, document work, etc.    Proven for reliable long-term use by real users throughout the country.



Price 8,571 Baht (VAT included)
15-month warranty

    • Suitable for car park, any kind of document.
    • Built-in battery backup for 72 hr.
    • Selectable printing order up to 29 sets for choice.
    • Perpetual calendar.
    • Numbering machine.
    • Warranty 1 year with Spare part service.




    Price 6,645 Baht (VAT included)
    15-month warranty

      • 13 preset comments such as SEND, IN, OUT, PAID, FAXED or VOID.
      • Illuminating LED and large visible sight windows make it easier to set document.
      • Perpetual calendar, automatically adjusts Daylight Saving Time. (D. S. T.)
      • Languages in Ebglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Numeric for print day of week and month.
      • AM/PM or 24 hours format
      • Regular minute, 1/10 1/100 or 5/100 of an hour.

      Paper Card



      Paper Card