You can create your own personalized guest books using Tanabutr creative printmaker!

This type of books is basically for writing a blessing. The book is one-side printing, and bound with ring for ease of openning. It is suitable for guest book or farewell book.


  • Printing : One Side Printing
  • Printing Paper : 157gsm art paper
  • Binding : Wire binding
  • Size : Letter (215.9 x 279.4 mm)


  • 1 book : ฿650 
  • 2 books : ฿600 /pc
  • 4 books: ฿580 /pc

How to make your guest books

  1. Download Tanabutr Creative Printmaker. 
  2. For first time use of software please clikc "Check For Updates" in the New Project Window. Select "Guest Book" in the New Project window.
  3. Design layout. Please read Design and layout.
  4. Order Online

For more information about software, please see Tanabutr createive print maker.

How to create guest books