Photo book is a common term for a book which mainly contains photos. It is like an old style photo album but the photos source are from digital photos. You can use any page layout software to create pages, cover and send the PDF files to us for printing into the real book.

The advantage of printing photo book you don't need any digital device to view your memories. It is just a book with photos which you can view when you want to. You can create for your own memory, create the photo book and give to your family and friends.



Our hard cover photobook is available in 6 sizes. The size is measured from the page content inside the book. The cover is slight bigger than content around 6mm.

Photobook size: A3 landscapePhotobook size: 30 x 30 cmPhotobook size: A4 portraitPhotobook size: A4 landscapePhotobook size: 20 x 20 cmPhotobook size: A5 landscape


Hard cover photobook is printed on smooth coated paper (150 gsm). This kind of paper is generally used for graphic art printing like usual fashion magazine in the market.



Available for 30x30cm, A4 (portrait, landscape), 20x20cm and A5 landscape photobook.

  1. The cover of imagewrap hardcover photo book is printed directly on the front and back of hardcover. Technically, the cover image is printed on paper and wrapped on the hard cover boards.
  2. The inside cover is always blank and the color is black.

Hardcover photo book with Imagewrap

Dust jacket

Only available for A3 landscape. A3 size photobook is only available with dust jacket type cover.

  1. Book with dust jacket.  You can add text and images on the flap.
  2. Hard cover color is white. You can not choose the color.
  3. The inside cover is always blank and the color is black.

Hardcover photo book with Dust jacket


  1. Binding type is perfect binding.
  2. You lose the image in the center of the book when you place an image spread across two pages.

Hardcover photo book binding style