When you need handy advertisement materials for an event,  or promoting your products, flyer is a simple and effective tool to spread your idea. Flyers are printed on a flat sheet of paper, single or double sides. You can select paper from thin to medium thickness.


Flyer's size is usually small for hand out to individuals. You can order flyers in portrait or landscape layout. Some sizes include:


Flyer size A3

A3 (297 × 420 mm) is a large size for flyers. If you would like to print flyers which size is over A3, you may check poster printing, or contact us.

Flyer size A4

A4 (210 × 297 mm) is a common size for flyers. Letter size (8.5 × 11 inch, or 216 × 279 mm) is also available on request.

Flyer size A5

A5 (128 × 210 mm) is half of A4 size. This is also handy and popular size, and less expensive than A4.

Flyer size DL

DL stands for "DIN lang" (DIN long); common flyer  1⁄3 of A4. Size in mm is 99 × 210.

Flyer size A6

A6 (105 × 148 mm) is standard postcard size for small flyers. If you would like to print flyers smaller than A6, please check business cards printing, or contact us.


Paper which is used for flyers is from thin to medium thick coated paper. If you are looking for thick or heavy paper stock, you may check card printing service.

Coated paper is paper which has been coated by a compound or polymer to make paper easy to print and achieve high quality output. This paper is commonly used in packaging industry and in magazines.You can choose paper weight from 105gsm, 128gsm and 157gsm. The thickness varies to paper weight. Coated paper's surface is smooth and color is normal white. Two surfaces of papers are available, matt or gloss. Matt is dull and less shiny than gloss, when reflecting with light source.

For heavier paper, please contact us.

Paper weight Thickness: Coated Matt Thickness: Coated Gloss
105 gsm 0.1 mm 0.09 mm
128 gsm 0.13mm 0.11 mm
157 gsm 0.15 mm 0.13 mm


File preparation

Final size
A3 (420 × 297 mm)
Prepared artwork size
Final size + 3 mm bleed on all edges : 426 × 303 mm

A3 Flyer template

Final size
A4 (297 × 210 mm)
Prepared artwork size
Final size + 3 mm bleed on all edges : 303 × 216 mm

A4 flyer

Final size
A5 (210 × 148 mm)
Prepared artwork size
Final size + 3 mm bleed: 216 × 154 mm

A5 flyer

Final size
DL (210 × 99 mm)
Prepared artwork size
Final size + 3 mm bleed on all edges : 216 × 105 mm

DL flyer

Final size
A6 (148 × 105 mm)
Prepared artwork size
Final size + 3 mm bleed on all edges : 154 × 111 mm

A6 flyer

How to order

  1 Submit your ready-to-print file online.
Prepare ready-to-print PDF file, and submit to us online. We will send you the quotation.
  2 Make a payment.
  • Online payment: PayPal. Basically, PayPal will notify us that your print jobs are ready to start.
  • Bank transfer (wire transfer): Print jobs are set On Hold until payment clears (confirmed by us). This option takes more time to confirm the payment than on-line payment through PayPal. Please send us your payment statement by email attachment.
  • Pay at the shop: Tanabutr is located just in front of National Stadium Station (BTS Silom line) exit 1.
  3 Picking up or Shipping
You can pick up at the shop when business cards are ready. If you ordered flyers with shipping option, we will ship via EMS and notify you a tracking number by email.