Booklet is a small book with few pages, around 8-100 pages. Basically, booklet is used for catalog, manual, presentation document, etc.


Booklet size is arbitrary. Common sizes are A4, A5 and A6. For specific booklet size, please contact us.

A4 size
A5 size
Size A6


Binding options

To combine multiple printed pages together, we need to bind them. The method of binding will effect how you design a booklet layout. Sometimes binding option and printable page size can limit binding options.

Wire binding

Wire binding

Wire binding is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, and ring wire. Each printed sheet is punched in small square shape along spine by special tool. The punch hole is square shape. Punched area must be considered when design the page layout. Text and important images must be outside the punched area (near spine). The advantage of wire binding is fast production time. You can open a booklet completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch

Each printed sheet is folded and stapled 2 positions through the fold line. This makes the booklet open nearly flat. You doesn't loose the area around spine. Because the binding involved folding sheets (half fold), the number of pages (including covers), must be divided by 4 without remainder. For example, 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 20pp, etc.

Perfect binding

Hot melt glue binding

Perfect binding uses hot-melt glue to bind printed pages together. When design the layout, do not layout text or important part too close to spine. This binding method is suitable for thick booklet, for example 40 pages up. When open the book, pages do not lay flat.