If you have written a novel, collection of short stories, series of poems, or reports you do not have to go to the expense of producing them at a professional publishing company. You can consider our self-publishing service.

Our book-ondemand service gives benefits to you by not having to order large quantities of your publication. Quantities can vary from 1-500 copies. If only several copies are required for friends and family, these can be produced at an affordable price.


The book size depends on your preference.  Common sizes are

  • A4, A5
  • B5, B6
  • 6×9 inch, 5.5×8.5 inch


You can select the paper weight for paperback cover from 270 gsm - 350 gsm. Optional matt or gloss laminate for cover is also available.


There are 2 type of paper, white plain paper and off-white plain paper. For novel, we recommend off-white paper which color is yellow (cream). This color make it is easy for reading comparing white paper.


Perfect binding (hot-melt glue) is a method for binding book. The cover weight is around 270gsm with matt or gloss laminate on your choice.

How to order

You just bring your digital file (pdf etc) to Tanabutr photobook in Bangkok, Thailand or send it to us over the internet. We will check your file, size, and estimate the price for you. For more information, please contact us.