IDA245 Card

Long Range Proximity Active Card  IDA245

Active Card Programmer PRG3000


KEY Features

• Read Range 3m(10feet) with RF245-3M: 5m(17feet) with RF245-5M:
10m(34feet) with RF245-10M
• User programmable Site code, ID Number (using PRG3000 Active Card Programmer)
• Life Time Active Tags with Replaceable Battery CR2025

PRG3000 Active Card Programmer
• IDA150/IDA200/IDA245 / Active Card Programmer
• Slide-in Operation, Automatic Increase and Decrease
• Direct Connection to PC via RS232 (Application Software included)
• Encryption Algorithm applied
• Programmable Site Code, ID Number


IDA245 Card Holder


Model IDA245
CPU Low Power 8bit Microprocessor
Read Range 3m(10feet) / 5m(17feet) / 10m(34feet) with RF245-3M / RF245-5M / RF245-10M
Carrier Frequency 2.402GHz
Directivity Omni – directional
Antenna Monopole Antenna
Transmit Power -10dBm
Modulation Encrypted GFSK
Wake-up Time Approx. 0.7sec
Site Code 256 Site Code (000~255)
Tag ID numbers Maximum 16 Millions ID Numbers per Site Code
Encryption 16bit IDTECK’s Secured Algorithm
Power Coin Cell Lithium Battery, 3V 150mAh, CR2025
Battery Life Time 3 Years (@ 1sec Wake-up Time), Battery Replaceable (CR2025)
Operating Temperature / Operating Humidity -20° to +65° C (-4° to +149° F) / 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Dimension (W x H x T) / Weight 2.1” x 3.4” x 0.18” (54mm x 86mm x 4.5mm) / 20gram (0.04lbs)
Model PRG3000
CPU Dual 8bit Microprocessor and ISM Band Receiver
Memory Program Memory 2KByte ROM
  Data Memory 128Byte EEPROM
Reader Built-in ISM Band Reader
Overwrite Time (Card) Less than 3sec.
Power / Current Adapter (AC110V / 220V, Output DC12V, 500mA)
Input Port 1ea for RS232 Communication (DB9 Jack)
LED Indicator / Beeper 5 Array LED Indicators (Red, Green and Yellow) / Piezo Buzzer
Data Encryption Crypto Encryption Algorithm
Software PRG3000 Application Software included
Operating Temperature 0° to +50°C (+32° to +122°F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Color / Material Light Gray / HD-ABS
Dimension (W x H x T) / Weight 6.18’’ x 7.80’’ x 4.72’’ (157mm x 198mm x 120mm) / 1090g (2.4lbs)