Time recorders & Time stamp UT800

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Special Price Baht 5,900 = 5,393 (VAT included)
Free : 500 time cards & a 50-slot card rack
15-month warranty!

Touch screen display.  Good visibility in poor light.  Fast and silent operation.  Robust and durable.


  • TFT touch screen display (same as navigator and mobile phone displays).   Very good visibility in poor light.
  • 6 columns print
  • 2-color ribbon (black/red).
  • Silent and fast card feeding.  Durable.
  • Alarm bell / Output connector equipped and Built-in internal speaker for musical melody.
  • Perpetual calendar and day-light saving time feature.
  • Automatic card feed in & out with robust 9-pin dot-matrix printhead
  • Warranty 1 year with Spare part service.
  • Built-in battery backup.


Power Rating 110-120 V~ (or 220-240 V~) refer to the indication on the label of each machine
AMP 0.22 Amp
Dimension 12 X 19.8 x 21 cm3 (D x W x H)
Weight 2.0 KGS
Ambient 0°C-40°C
Condition 10-80 RH%
Standard Time Card 86 mm x 189 mm (W x L)