• System control by remote control
  • Using high quality materials, do not rust.
  • System continuous with low noise.
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • All information can be reported
  • Do not worry if a technical error.
  • Available in both Automatic and Manual.

Control by remote control and access card

- Use of electronic control systems.
- All control automated. By using a data connection to RS485.
- Record and report all information uses (optional).



- Easy to install, even in areas with height restrictions such as underground parking, etc.
- The data transfer has been working as a double lock. To prevent a barrier from lifting.



- In the event of power outage. The system will automatically raise the barrier.
- In case of a technical error or emergency. Clutch can be rotated for use in the Manual.
- In case of an obstruction while closing. barrier will stop automatically.


Robust and durable

- The machine is made from high quality materials. Do not rust.



- Folding Gate versatile use whether public authorities, the private sector, Educational Institutions, Shopping, Car Park, Airport and so on.




Model FG-WJD201
Input voltage 120 w
Material Aluminium
The long of the barrier 3-4.5 m.
Time to open or close 3 seconds
Operating Temperature -40 °C ~  75 °C
Operating Humidity ≤ 90 %
Remote control distance 30 m.
Connection RS485
Length x Width x Height (mm). 350 x 270 x972
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