Fingerprint scanners LX007T


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LX007T from IDTECK

Fingerprint Identification (Proximity / PIN) Time& Attendance Access Controller


KEY Features

• 125KHz proximity/13.56MHz contactless smart card, PIN and fingerprint recognition
• Dual function for Access Control and Time & Attendance
• 1:1 Verification and 1:N Identification storable 2 or 4 Fingerprint Templates
• Auto Touch Sensor for Fingerprint only Identification
• Fingerprint quality display
• 1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 Fingerprint Users
• 10,000/20,000 ID Users / 20,000/10,000 Event Buffers (Selectable)
• Up to 10 Fingerprint Master IDs Registration
• Operating Mode selectable by Individual ID
• 4 Level Door Open Time Setting by Individual ID
• Time Schedules Setting by Individual ID, Input Port, Output Port and Reader Mode
• Network Communication via RS232, RS485 and built-in TCP/IP
• 26bit Wiegand Output
• Serial Printer Port for event ticket issuing
• Supervised Input Ports
• User Name Display on LCD
• ARM/DISARM Function for Alarm Panel
• 2 Men Operation Mode
• Duress Alarm Function
• Graphic LCD of Multi Languages Display
• Voice Guide Programmable for Other Language
• Voice announcement Programmable by user via serial communication
• Door Phone Function (Optional)
• Software Selection: STARWATCH TIME PRO 2006, LX ACCESS PRO II


Time Schedules

• Time Code : 10
• Time Interval : 5
• Holiday Code : 10
• Holiday : 100

Standalone Configuration

Fingerprint Module Specifications

Resolution 500dpi
Capture Image Size 412 x 302 pixels
Extraction Image Size 260 x 300 pixels
Sensing Area 13mm x 15.2mm
Scanner High Quality Optical Sensor
FAR(False Acceptance Ratio) 0.001%
FRR(False Reject Ratio) 0.1%
ESD(Electro Static Discharge) 15KV
Verification Time Less than 1sec.
Identification Time Less than 2sec.


Model LX007
CPU 32bit ARM9, Dual 8bit and 16bit Microprocessor
Memory Fingerprint Module Program Memory 128KByte ROM
Data Memory 128KByte / 256KByte / 512KByte Flash Memory
Controller Program Memory 256KByte ROM
Data Memory 512KByte Flash Memory
Fingerprint User 1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 Fingerprint Users
Fingerprint Templates Size 808Bytes for 2 Fingerprint Templates / 1616 Bytes for 4 Fingerprint Templates
ID User 10,000 / 20,000 Users (Selectable)
Event Buffer 20,000 / 10,000 Event Buffers (Selectable)
Read Range (125KHz) Passive Type IDK50 / IMC125 : Up to 2 inch (5cm), IDC80 / IDC170 : Up to 4 inch (10cm)
Active Type IDA150 / IDA200 Compatible
Reading Time (Card) 30ms.
Verification Time / Identification Time Less than 1sec. / Less than 2sec.
Power / Current DC 12V / 650mA Max.
External Reader Port 1ea : 26bit Wiegand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN for Anti-passback
Communication RS232 / RS485 (Max.32ch) / TCP/IP (Internal LAN Module Required / Optional)
Baud Rate 19,200bps (Recommended) / 9,600bps / 38,400bps / 57,600bps (Selectable)
Input Port 4ea : Exit Button, Door Sensor, Aux#1, Aux#2
Output Port 2ea : 2 FORM-C Relay Output (COM, NO, NC) / DC12V~18V, Rating Max.2A
2ea : TTL Output / DC5V, Rating Max.20mA, 26bit Wiegand Output Supported by TTL Output
Printer Port Serial Port for Connecting Printer (Epson Serial Printer Recommended)
LCD Graphic LCD (128 x 64 dots), 72.5mm x 39.5mm (2.85” x 1.56”) View area
Keypad 24 Key Numeric Keypad with Back Lighting (12 Function Key included)
LCD Display (Language) English, Spanish, Portuguese (Selectable)
Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian (Optional)
Voice Output (Language) English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French,
Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian (Programmable)
LED Indicator / Beeper 3 Array LED Indicators (Red, Green and Yellow) / Piezo Buzzer
Operating Temperature Fingerprint Module -15。to +40。C (+5。to +104。F)
LCD 0。to +50。C (+32。to +122。F)
  Controller -15。to +70。C (+5。to +158。F)
RF Reader -35。to + 65。C (-31。to +149。F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% Relative Humidity Non-condensing
Color / Material Black, Red, Gray, Silver, Dark Gray, Gold, Black & Gold Combo / Polycarbonate
Weight / Dimension (W x H x T) 800g(1.76lbs) / 192mm x 160mm x 45mm (7.56”x6.29”x1.77“)
Certification FCC, CE, MIC, RoHS

Network Configuration


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