Fingerprint Readers Tanabutr from ANVIZ model D100 for Time Recorders


 Fingerprint Time Attendance



Desktop, Affordable, No Hardware Installation, USB

Plug & Play

Desktop series D100 is a basic time and attendance system from Anviz, designed for small and medium companies. D100 doesn’ t require any installation. Just put it on the table and that’ s it! Whenever you need to get the employee in and out records, what you need to do is plug the USB cable to PC or laptop and download data into Bio-office simplified time & attendance software for reports. Even no need driver - just like a USB Flash Drive Host ! Everything is simple.



BioNANO - The core algorithm

BioNano is applied in all Anviz biometric-based products used for identification.

  • Suitable for both wet and dry fingers
  • Automatically heals the broken lines in fingerprint images
  • Extraction of features in worn fingerprints
  • Fingerprint template auto update


Technical Specifications Features
ltem Description
  • Unique desktop design for offices
  • Texas Instruments 32-bit high speed CPU of low power consumption
  • BioNANO core algorithm of high speed and stability
  • New generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof
  • AFOS fingerprint sensor
  • Clear voice prompts along with all operations
  • Mini USB Slave, No driver needed
  • Power over either USB or DC 5V
  • Employee authentication methods: ID + password, ID + fingerprint, fingerprint only
  • Fast fingerprint scan in less than 0.5 second
  • 8 different customizable time and attendance status
  • 6-digit work code feature to calculate different job cost
  • Support multiple display and software language
Processor 32-bit ARM MCU
Algorithm BioNANO
Sensor AFOS Optical Sensor
Scan Area 22mm*18mm
Resolution 500 DP
LCD 128*64 Blue LCD
Fingerprint Capacity 2000
Log Capacity 50000
Identification Mode FP, ID+FP, ID+PW, FP+PW
Identification Time <0.5 Sec
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Communication Interface Mini USB slave
Fingerprint Image Display Yes
Self-defined Status 8
Workcode Yes
Size 160(w)*130(h)*90(d)mm
Temperature -10℃~40℃
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Certificates FCC, CE
Applicable Situation Up to 1000 Employees


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